Welcome to funk.games

We are a funky new game developer collective, with two founding creatives:  Andy Wiltshire, a 16 year game industry veteran, and James Koehne, a 6 year senior game programmer - combined we have released more than 30 game titles across web and pc.

Our goal is to create small innovative games with a fun new gamified discord community system - funkBOT.


A custom gamified discord bot connecting our games and our discord community to maximize engagement.

funkBOT allows us to send events to our games from discord: such as player gifts or game modifiers, and vice versa, receiving events in discord from our games: including player activity, leaderboards and profile data, plus unlocking discord roles tied to game achievements.
Coming soon...

Tourism Together

Build your own landscape and transport network with friends.
Coming soon...

Blades, Bows & Magic

Challenge friends with a medieval twist on rock paper scissors.
Coming soon...

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